Answers to your Dental Implant Questions

If you are missing more than one tooth, have dentures, or need multiple teeth extracted, you may be considering getting dental implants. We understand that your lifestyle is hindered in many ways, from the foods you can eat, to your overall health and even self-esteem.

To help patients understand the treatment, our doctors have created a helpful dental implant FAQ list to answer some of the most common questions. If you have additional questions or want to discuss how dental implants can change your smile and your life contact us to schedule a complimentary dental implant consultation with our team.

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How Important is Dental Care for my Aging Parents?

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As the baby boomer generation gets older, many of us are helping to care for aging parents. Most people think of helping their parents with housing, choices about assisted living, and even health care. One important area that is often overlooked, however, is dental care. Many people don’t realize how important dental care is for the aging population, and how much it affects their lives. With proper dental care, baby boomers can avoid having major dental problems in their later

What is the Teeth Tomorrow Bridge to Tomorrow?  

It’s no secret that many adults don’t go to the dentist often enough, a recent study showed that nearly 1/3rd of U.S. adults haven’t been to the dentist in over one year. While fear of the dentist is a major factor, often it comes down to an inability to pay for proper dental care. Letting minor dental problems go untreated in the present allows them to become even costlier major dental issues in the future – a future with no

What are the Best Dental Implant Options for Older Americans?

Products nowadays are almost expected to be easily replaceable. Everything we use, from our cars to our phones, is meant to last us a handful of years at best and then be quickly replaced for the latest and greatest model. When it comes to dental care, however, one of the best means of improving oral health is through permanent solutions, such as dental implants. There are plenty of choices out there, so what makes for the best dental implant options

Should I have my teeth extracted and a bridge put in all in one day?

You’ve probably seen lots of ads for bridges delivered in one day. Many people think that ‘if you can get it done in a day, it must be good’. But, the real difference is in the final result, and what a difference a day makes. With one-day procedures, you have your teeth taken out, dental implants put in, and a temporary bridge fitted over the course of an entire day. Swelling that results from oral surgery doesn’t decrease before the